Improve air quality in vehicles & sanitise systems safely with AIR2 SAN

Air sanitisation is likely to become increasingly important in your workshop or garage’s servicing and maintenance operations. Do you have the technology to offer this crucial aspect of vehicle care?

Also protecting your own team from airborne viruses and harmful particles whilst working in or on the vehicle, the AIR2 SAN air sanitisation kit by TEXA will clean and sanitise the air in your customers’ or organisation’s vehicles, complementing your vehicle servicing.

CCS has partnered with TEXA to offer the AIR2 SAN air sanitisation system to our commercial and dealership clients throughout the UK and Ireland.

Air sanitisation in any vehicle or enclosed workplace environment

AIR2 SAN can be used in any vehicle cabin or passenger compartment, and can even be utilised in office spaces, waiting rooms, hotel rooms and any other indoor area!

Use an AIR2 SAN to support your:

  • Vehicle dealership workshops
  • Mechanical workshops
  • Vehicle servicing garage
  • Vehicle rental company
  • Taxi firm
  • Transportation & logistics firms or workshops
  • Commercial vehicle workshop
  • Emergency services vehicle workshop
  • Fast-fit centre workshop or garage
  • Car wash centre
  • Fuel station

Why use AIR2 SAN?

The revolutionary new TEXA AIR2 SAN system offers:

  • Fully-automated and remote-operated system
  • Dust filer & O2 catalyst
  • Standard ozone, temperature & humidity sensors
  • O3-O2 reconversion
  • Compatible with AXONE Nemo, delivering a complete solution for air conditioning and airflow systems
  • Printable service report
  • Free AIR2 SAN app

Either stand-alone or combined with a TEXA diagnostic system, AIR2 SAN will completely and automatically sanitise a vehicle’s passenger compartment or cabin, improving air quality and combating viral, bacterial and other harmful airborne particles. The unit is operated remotely by your team from outside the vehicle, meaning they’re not exposed to particles during the process.

Thorough air disinfection is powered by sensors and a microprocessor, determining the length of process required in order to treat and eliminate mildew, fungi, viruses and bacteria, whilst also eliminating risk from human error.

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