🔌 The EV Evolution: Mobile lifts for handling electric vehicle battery packs

01 Jun 2023

Servicing electric vehicles and PHEVs in your workshop? Mobile scissor lifts create a safe and convenient lifting system for handling battery packs, protecting your vehicle components and your workshop team.

The EV Evolution: Mobile lifts for handling electric vehicle battery packs

The EV Evolution: Mobile lifts for handling electric vehicle battery packs

If your vehicle servicing and maintenance workshop is handling electric vehicles and PHEVs, not only do your vehicle lifts need to accommodate  additional and varied vehicle loads but your workshop team needs safe and strong handling systems for vehicle battery packs and other components during a job.

Electric vehicle battery packs vary in weight depending on their size and capacity for energy storage, but typically a Tesla Model S battery weights around 544kg, and a Model Y 771kg.

At these weights, workshop teams need to handle batteries using garage equipment which can accommodate the weight of the battery pack, but can also be easily manoeuvred and handled into position underneath lifted vehicles.


Mobile scissor lifts by Cormach, supplied by CCS Garage Equipment

CCS Garage Equipment works with leading Italian garage equipment manufacturer Cormach to supply Mobile Electro-Hydraulic Scissor Lifts, a unique system designed with a powerful hydraulic system which offers a strong 1500kg lifting capacity, enough to accommodate large vehicle battery packs from EVs and PHEVs.

The L1500-A Mobile Scissor Lift features:

  • Automatically tilting twin-plane surface, offering excellent flexibility when positioning and securing heavy components such as battery packs
  • Remote control adjustment of table positioning
  • Removable rear compartment to extend table size
  • Maximum lifting height of 1800mm
  • Mechanical safety valve to control lowering speed
  • 29s lifting time
  • Castor wheels for ease of movement around your vehicle workshop
  • Versatile for use with other components, for example gearboxes and standard engines

Cormach L1500-A mobile scissor lift for electric vehicles supplied and fitted by CCS

Cormach's L1500-A Mobile Scissor Lift, used for the safe handling & lifting of electric vehicle battery packs & other heavy components

L1500 A Mobile Scissor Lift for electric vehicles garage equipment install by CCS

The L1500-A Mobile Scissor Lift offers a sturdy 1500kg lifting capacity, ideal for use with EV & PHEV batteries as well as gearboxes & standard vehicle engines

Mobile scissor lift remote control for precision handling when lifting vehicles

The Mobile Scissor Lift table is operated & tilted using a convenient remote control for precision handling into position

Download the Cormach L1500-A Mobile Scissor Lift brochure!


Professional garage equipment & component lifting technology from Cormach & CCS Garage Equipment

Based in Correggio, Italy, and established in 1989, Cormach S.r.l Correggio Machinery sits in the heartland of the historical Italian automotive engineering sector.

Cormach delivers the latest in quality garage equipment technologies, including easy to handle, strong and versatile Mobile Scissor Lifts, with excellent customer service and a commitment to exceptional technical training which has made the business one of the leading suppliers of garage equipment technologies worldwide.

Supplied by our nationwide CCS Garage Equipment team, get the most out of your dealership or garage's new Mobile Scissor Lifts with the reassurance that your investment will deliver excellent reliability and performance to keep up with your customers' EV and PHEV servicing demands.


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