Galvanised Wash Down Ramps – supplied & fully guaranteed by CCS

Clean, maintain and prepare vehicles for MOT on a safe wash down ramp, galvanised to protect against damage and rusting, and structurally calculated to provide a secure ramp for your loads.

Thorough vehicle wash-downs from top to undercarriage are managed efficiently by your workshop team, with every wash down ramp designed to incorporate a safe platform for your drivers to exit and enter vehicle cabs.

Galvanised wash down ramp features & specification

Wash down ramps are engineered bespoke to your specific vehicle fleet and workshop requirements. Installation, testing and commission by CCS delivers a complete, quality-assured wash down ramp solution.

Features include:

  • Up to 8 tonne axle loadings
  • Safe working load up to 40 tonnes
  • Bespoke CE-certified wash down ramp design
  • Galvanised for long-lasting, hard-wearing construction
  • Optional LED lighting
  • Cab entry/exit platforms installed to right, left or both sides of ramp
  • Integrated handrails

Install your fully-guaranteed wash down ramp with CCS

Order your galvanised wash down ramp with CCS and your ramp’s construction and installation will be guaranteed for 10 years.

Professionally installed and tested by our nationwide CCS team, get the most out of your new wash down ramp equipment with the reassurance that it meets your workshop’s strict health, safety and regulatory demands.

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