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Featured project: Co-op Distribution Centre, Biggleswade

Commercial garage equipment installation for Co-op’s flagship distribution centre

Project brief

When open, the new-build depot for Co-op in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, will become the group’s flagship distribution centre, providing an essential logistics base to serve growth ambitions across London, the South and the South East. Targeted to be the network’s largest, most sustainable and environmentally friendly depot, the centre will provide up to 1000 new jobs.

CCS worked alongside the Co-op’s architects, builders and client team to design a new workshop that meets the Co-op’s ambitious vision for the Biggleswade depot, which will serve an extensive Class 1 and 2 fleet through 5 service bays, a dedicated ATF lane and prefabricated steel service pits built to the Co-op’s bespoke specification.

Bespoke garage equipment installation by CCS

CCS enjoys many years’ experience in the design and installation of commercial vehicle workshops, supporting fleet operators with tailored, turnkey garage equipment installations that keep logistics running. Our team was engaged at an early stage of the project planning to design the Biggleswade depot’s garage equipment to deliver optimum efficiency, safety and allowing for future scale-up.

The Biggleswade depot carries a broad range of functions and our design, including a dedicated ATF lane, will allow the team to undertake complete vehicle servicing, testing and maintenance in-house. Careful planning ensures integration of all key equipment and workflow considerations, meeting Co-op’s brand expectations and incorporating equipment which is robust for this busy workshop.

Our CCS garage equipment installation engineers started work on site in Q1 2021. 3 prefabricated steel pits, designed and built to bespoke specifications, were installed within the main workshop, 1 fully-equipped ATF lane including commercial brake testers, headlamp alignment and ancillary equipment is incorporated alongside the main workshop, and all service bays are served with compressed air, lubrication and LEV systems.

Co-op’s Biggleswade distribution centre workshop is fully-installed and tested, to be brought into commission in early 2022. Throughout this installation, our dedicated project manager maintained good communication with our client’s appointed contractors to deliver the project on schedule and to an excellent standard, and training and ongoing maintenance is on hand from our senior engineers once the workshop is running to ensure Biggleswade operates safely and with maximum efficiency.

Our specification for this garage equipment installation included:

  • 3 prefabricated steel service pits, bespoke-built by the UK's leading pits supplier
  • 1 fully-equipped ATF lane to allow in-house vehicle testing and inspections
  • Compressed air and lubrication systems
  • LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) system

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Complete garage equipment installation for Co-op, Biggleswade:

Complete commercial workshop

From design and planning to installation, testing and commission, our CCS team delivered a complete garage equipment package for Co-op’s Biggleswade distribution centre.

Fully-equipped ATF lane

Authorised Testing Facility enables commercial vehicle testing in-house, including commercial brake testers, headlamp alignment, pit jacks and emission testers.

Prefabricated steel pits

Bespoke steel pits incorporate a range of features including lighting, anti-slip steps, integral sumps and offering 10-year warranties for reassurance that pits are built to last.

Leading ancillary equipment

Reliability is crucial for the success of the Biggleswade depot, and CCS has supplied ancillary LEV, compressed air, lubrication and other systems from leading manufacturers.

Close partnership working

CCS’ dedicated project manager and specialist garage equipment installation team delivered the workshop on time and to the high standards we’re proud of.

Safety through innovation

With a complete commercial workshop backed by unmatched training and aftercare service levels, CCS delivers a safe, state-of-the-art working environment for our client.

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