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Featured project: Jaguar Land Rover, Aylesbury

Extensive garage equipment installation for new-build JLR workshop at Aylesbury dealership

Project brief

Enjoying a substantial 34 bays and benefiting from CCS’ unique approach to innovation in garage equipment, the vehicle workshop at Jaguar Land Rover’s new Aylesbury dealership creates an outstanding working environment focused on quality throughout.

We believe that this new-build facility is one of the largest JLR workshops in the country, encompassing 31 service bays, twin ATL bays and FASTLIGN® wheel alignment technology which allows the dealership immense servicing capacity whilst presenting excellent opportunities to maximise profitability.

Unique garage equipment installation by CCS

The new JLR Aylesbury dealership and workshop comprised three sites, each of which were closed and combined in order to create the sizeable 16,193 square feet footprint of the new-build premises which is now the main dealer for Jaguar Land Rover in the area and accommodates over 100 staff.

CCS was appointed to work alongside the architect and building contractors from design phase, creating a unique workshop specification to meet the bespoke brand requirements of Jaguar and Land Rover as well as the operational challenges in combining three previous dealerships and a desire to enhance customer experience through an eye-catching build.

Our team designed and installed the workshop to the highest industry standards, encompassing leading equipment, vehicle lifts and durable technologies for this busy facility. In particular, FASTLIGN® touchless wheel alignment technology has added state-of-the-art innovation to the workshop. For the first time, we integrated FASTLIGN® with Sigmavision TreadReader to produce a fully-automated alignment and tread check assessment with a customer report generated in just a few minutes.

Installation and commissioning of this new flagship dealership’s workshop was fully managed and quality assured by CCS’ dedicated project manager and site team, backed by our years of experience in handling major projects and niche vehicle lift and garage equipment specialism.

Our specification for this garage equipment installation included:

  • 34 service bays
  • 31 Nussbaum in-ground vehicle lifts
  • Twin ATL bays
  • Dedicated wheel alignment bays
  • Hunter wheel alignment equipment
  • Bespoke Dura workshop furniture
  • Integrated lubrication, compressed air, data & power systems
  • FASTLIGN® touchless wheel alignment technology

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Complete garage equipment installation for JLR Aylesbury

Exceptional 34-bay workshop

An impressively large installation, garage equipment included Nussbaum in-ground vehicle lifts, Dura cabinets, Samoa and Hunter systems.

FASTLIGN® & TreadReader integration

FASTLIGN® system fully integrated for the first time with Sigmavision TreadReader quickly identifies wheel alignment and tread check opportunities.

Twin ATL bays

Sited side-by-side, JLR Aylesbury’s twin ATL bays feature vehicle lifts, brake testers, headlight testers, emissions analysers and other accessories.

Complete workshop solution

CCS worked in partnership throughout to deliver the Aylesbury workshop installation, from concept and design to installation, training and commission.

Unique project management

Our team on site was led by a dedicated project manager, ensuring consistency in delivery, service and communication throughout the installation.

Safety through innovation

By investing in leading technologies, our client’s workshop teams and customers will benefit from a safe working environment and excellent vehicle care.

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