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Innovative FASTLIGN® wheel alignment systems

Touchless alignment to maximise service department revenue

CCS is proud to partner with North American brand FASTLIGN® as the first to bring its unique touchless wheel alignment system to Europe.

Completely automatic and with perfect precision, FASTLIGN®’s hands-free laser technology scans vehicles’ alignment on arrival into drive-in service areas, profiling wheels and identifying alignment opportunities in just 3 seconds.

CCS has installed both the first FASTLIGN® system in Europe and the first in the UK.

Click below to watch our FASTLIGN® installation come to life at JLR Belfast.

"FASTLIGN® is extremely easy to use. The addition of this machine has been a great investment not only to our service department but also to our customers."

David Zane, Service Manager

How can FASTLIGN® create alignment sales opportunities for your dealership?

Investing in one FASTLIGN® system and using it effectively can boost your service centre alignment revenue and bring return on investment.

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*Example figures. Call us for accurate payback calculations.

FASTLIGN® installation by CCS

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Innovative systems that work for your business

CCS has installed both the first FASTLIGN® system in Europe and the first in the UK. Our innovative approach to garage equipment installation creates professional service areas that work for our clients’ businesses across the UK and Ireland.

Complete design and installation by CCS will integrate FASTLIGN® into your dealership’s service offer, with expert system training allowing you to get the most out of your investment.

FASTLIGN®’s breakthrough technology for tyre safety

The easy-to-operate system comprises two towers which thoroughly analyse wheels as they pass through your service area. Receiving an immediate report, your team will be able to discuss the health of a customer’s wheels with them straight away.

FASTLIGN®’s intuitive technology not only creates revenue for your dealership, but its crucial wheel alignment checks will keep your customers’ vehicles safe on the road.

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