Garage Equipment Advisory Services

Industry-leading statutory expertise for industry clients

Professional statutory advice and recommendations

With inspection and testing in the roots of our business, CCS is an industry leader in the knowledge, application and understanding of regulations affecting our garage and workshop clients. Fully accredited and qualified, our team delivers practical and safety-focused advice to keep you compliant.

With professional experience and an approach led by close attention to detail, statutory advisory services by CCS will help to protect your business and your personnel operationally and legally.

“Working with CCS across all of our Business Divisions has given us confidence that the thorough examination of our lifting equipment and accessories is done professionally. CCS has helped us in several ways including developing and delivering training as well as supporting us in reviewing our key processes and procedures. Their field engineers have great expertise and offer help and support wherever needed.

Our supply chain relationship has been a real success and we have recently agreed a sole purchasing agreement for all of our lifting accessories from CCS to further strengthen the management of this key area of risk for our business.”

Dave Campbell, HSE Director, Eurovia UK

Statutory advice and support by CCS

Photo of our CCS team discuss garage equipment project

Complete advisory services to protect your business

Navigating the statutory landscape in practice can be daunting, presenting real risks to your business in the event of non-compliance. CCS delivers reassuring, practical advice and recommendations supported by our in-depth knowledge and understanding of industry regulations to help keep your people safe and your business compliant.

Advisory solutions from the start of your project

From the start of your relationship with CCS, we’ll deliver solutions backed by our statutory know-how. Garage equipment design and installation services are supported from concept stage by an understanding of how your workshop needs to operate safely, with practical advice and equipment recommendations throughout geared towards our business’s innovative approach to safety.

Photo of specialist garage equipment installation
Garage Equipment Installation Services

Garage Equipment Installation

Forward-thinking design, supply and installation of equipment for automotive and commercial vehicle workshops.

Garage Equipment Maintenance Services

Garage Equipment Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance and quick-response repair to keep your garage fully-functioning safely and efficiently.

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