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Reliable and trusted calibration, inspection and testing support for national name

Project brief

CCS has worked with Biffa’s teams across the UK since 1997, establishing an excellent, trusted relationship in the delivery of professional calibration, inspection and testing services.

Fully-managed and scheduled by our Head Office team, Biffa’s commercial vehicle workshops are supported by CCS’ knowledgeable advice for safe and uninterrupted operations.

"CCS has worked with our teams in the UK for many years, providing an outstanding level of service. Installations of new garage equipment are completed professionally and with exceptional attention to detail. CCS schedules its engineers to manage our tool calibration, LOLER and PUWER examinations and other necessary safety inspections regularly, and being able to access reporting online is extremely helpful to our operations."


Calibration, inspection and testing by CCS

CCS supports Biffa’s full UK-wide commercial vehicle operations, including facilities from Belfast to the Isle of Wight.

As well as providing support on the client’s garage equipment installation projects, our professional calibration, inspection, examination and testing services ensure Biffa continues to operate safely, efficiently and maintains compliance with statutory requirements.

Our Head Office team regularly manages Biffa’s schedule, despatching engineers to undertake periodic inspections and examinations as necessary.

With expertise in the examination of lorry-mounted lifting equipment as well as workshop lifts, CCS’ complete service allows the client to rely on CCS each year for support across every aspect of its vehicle workshop operations.

Fully-managed services for Biffa plc

Reliable calibration

Undertaking small tool calibration across Biffa’s UK facilities, CCS supports our client in working accurately.

Complete lifting equipment solution

As well as garage lifts, CCS’ team is accredited to examine lorry-mounted lifting equipment, ensuring safety across Biffa’s vehicles.

LOLER and PUWER examinations

Supporting Biffa with statutory compliance, CCS undertakes and reports on all LOLER and PUWER examinations.

Online reporting

Through our online portal, Biffa’s team can instantly access their latest inspection, examination and calibration reports.

Tailored solutions

With annual periodic reviews, our team tailors the work we do with Biffa to ensure our services evolve to meet the client’s needs.

Professional advice

Our dedicated team enjoys exceptional workshop knowledge, advising Biffa where necessary on compliance and workshop safety.

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