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Toyota, Belfast

Garage equipment installation at Toyota, Belfast

CCS was pleased to be appointed by Charles Hurst earlier this year to deliver our latest garage equipment installation project for its dealership workshops, this time at the brand's Toyota site in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Comprising an extensive workshop and showroom refurbishment to bring the dealership up to date with the latest Toyota corporate identity and brand specification, this project incorporates the marque's new 'customer hub' concept, which creates a living space in the showroom to engage customers both digitally and in-person.

Exterior of the fully-refurbished Toyota Belfast dealership in Northern Ireland, including a redesigned showroom and fully-equipped vehicle servicing and maintenance workshop.

Toyota, Belfast (1)

The final stages of our garage equipment installation for Toyota Belfast, which included installation, testing and commission of 12 Nussbaum Smart Lifts to the workshop's service bays.

Toyota, Belfast (2)

This spacious vehicle servicing workshop for Toyota Belfast was created following refurbishment of an existing building. The workshop's design and garage equipment specification was developed by CCS Garage Equipment's specialists prior to garage equipment installation on site in Belfast, Nothern Ireland.

Toyota, Belfast (3)

The final stages of vehicle lift testing prior to commission of the workshop included testing of all 12 Nussbaum 2.35 SL Smart Lifts, as well as testing of a larger 5.5T 2-post vehicle lift installed to service small vans.

Toyota, Belfast (4)

Testing of the Nussbaum Smart Lifts during CCS' garage equipment installation. Our site team delivered training to our client's workshop team prior to commission, ensuring the safe operation of all new equipment to maximise our client's returns from its investment.

Toyota, Belfast (5)

The Toyota Belfast workshop's garage equipment installation in progress, including testing of the installation of our 5.5T Nussbaum vehicle lift to accommodate light vans.

Toyota, Belfast (6)

Workshop operations commence following hand over of our completed garage equipment installation to the client's mechanic and engineer team

Toyota, Belfast (7)

Nussbaum 2.35 SL Smart Lifts being tested during CCS Garage Equipment’s new workshop installation for Toyota, Belfast

Toyota, Belfast (8)

Testing and commissioning of Nussbaum 2.35 SL Smart Lifts during the final stages of Toyota, Belfast dealership’s vehicle servicing workshop installation by CCS Garage Equipment

Toyota, Belfast (9)

A new Nussbaum 5.5T, fixed 2-post vehicle lift installed by CCS Garage Equipment at Toyota, Belfast’s workshop to service and maintain larger vehicles and small vans

Toyota, Belfast (10)

Installation of Nussbaum 2.35 SL Smart Lifts completed and fully-tested by CCS Garage Equipment for Toyota, Belfast’s upgraded dealership

Toyota, Belfast (11)

Vehicle servicing bays are equipped with 2.35 Smart Lift fixed 2-post vehicle lifts by leading manufacturer Nussbaum and bespoke Dura workshop furniture, all installed, tested and commissioned by CCS Garage Equipment at Toyota’s new dealership in Belfast

Toyota, Belfast (11)

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