Improve air quality & sanitise vehicle systems safely with Cormach SAN’s NEBU 19

10 Jun 2020

Air, equipment and room sanitisation is set to become increasingly important in your workshop or garage’s servicing and maintenance operations. Do you have the technology to offer this crucial aspect of vehicle care?

Cormach SAN’s NEBU 19

Product news from Cormach

Also protecting your own team from airborne viruses and harmful particles whilst working in or on the vehicle, the NEBU 19 vehicle air sanitisation nebuliser by Cormach SAN will clean and sanitise the air in your customers’ or organisation’s vehicles, complementing your vehicle servicing.

CCS has partnered with Cormach SAN to offer the NEBU 19 air sanitisation nebuliser system to our commercial and dealership clients throughout the UK and Ireland.

Air sanitisation in any vehicle or enclosed workplace environment

NEBU 19 can be used in any cabin or passenger compartment, and can even be utilised in office spaces, waiting rooms, hotel rooms and other indoor areas!

Use NEBU 19 to support your:

  • Vehicle dealership workshop
  • Vehicle servicing
  • Vehicle rentals
  • Transportation, logistics & workshops
  • Vehicle maintenance garage … and many others!

Why use NEBU 19?

The new Cormach SAN NEBU 19 system offers:

  • Fully-automated operation to protect your workshop team
  • Ultrasonic nebulisation of cabins & rooms
  • Can even be used to sanitise clothes, overalls & helmets
  • Cleans & sanitises air conditioning systems, including ducts & fans
  • No condensation

NEBU 19 is an innovative electronic ultrasonic nebuliser, atomising sanitising solution and distributing it through electric oscillation inside vehicle cabins, compartments and small enclosed spaces such as offices or hotel rooms. The unit can even work directly from – and cleanse – a vehicle’s air conditioning recirculation system, evenly distributing sanitising particles that cleanse their environment.

Air quality is improved, and the system eliminates bad odours whilst preventing the growth of bacteria, spores and fungi. Nebulisation takes place at room temperature, meaning no condensation is formed, and the system works quickly to sanitise the interior of a medium-sized vehicle in around 15-30 minutes.

Innovative garage equipment solutions from CCS

Since 1992, CCS has delivered industry-leading, up-to-the-minute garage equipment supply, installation, maintenance and calibration services to businesses throughout the UK and Ireland.

Forward-thinking and innovative, our work is focused on keeping workshops operational, safe and equipped with the latest technologies to help them build customer relationships and maximise sales opportunities.

Speak to us for your NEBU 19 air sanitisation & nebuliser quote

For more information and for your NEBU 19 air sanitisation and nebuliser quote, contact us, email or call 01942 260 666.


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